Business Process Outsourcing

"Professional sourcing and procurement services from a minority owned and operated company."

Spend Analysis

We offer flexible and customized solutions. We analyze your current spend to determine the right procurement program for your company. We will then categorize and prioritize the spend areas.

Strategic Sourcing

We will save money on any source-able:

Leveraged Buying

Save money with leveraged procurement:

Let's face it, most of our clients might buy a $15K oscilloscope once every five years for their quality assurance lab. We may buy that same oscilloscope 15 times in one year because we are supporting 15 different quality assurance labs across our client base. That "one time" buy for you, is a strategic leveraged buy for us and you reap the savings benefit.

Outsourced Purchasing

We are actually a Procurement Service Provider meaning we will work with your current procurement organization as an extension of the current team.

About Compro

Ed Pacheco, President

Vern Warner, COO

Compro is veteran owned SDB and Minority Certified company
Compro is one of the top minority owned Procurement Service Providers

Management of thousands of indirect suppliers.

Total cost of ownership for products and services.

One stop shop for all spot buys.

Deep expertise across a wide range of categories and services, using cutting edge tools, technologies, and processes

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Compro has not had any fines or penalties in the past 3-5 years.